ANG Technologies, provides professional software services to meet a customer's short-term or long-term needs. Our consultants are experienced software designers, developers, and implementers. ANG Technologies, first meets with the client to determine needs and desires. Then we carefully examine our available skill set and find a match for the client. ANG Technologies, and the customer will then agree upon a reasonable contract for the consultant's services. At regular intervals, the consultant and his or her work is reviewed by MNCL with the client to assure that the customer is pleased with both. In the case where a product needs to be developed off-shore, ANG Technologies, can assist a client. We are equipped to manage projects or develop solutions in the country of India as well as here in the United States.

1) ERP Consulting
ANG Technologies is the premier services provider focusing exclusively on the success of customers deploying Oracle applications and technology. Drawing on industry best practices and deep software expertise, our consultants help you assess your business needs, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology to maximize the value of your Oracle investment.
ANG Technologies provides business values for our customers through technology transformation that increases competitive advantage, customer loyalty and improves business performance. Our technical consultants provide exceptional technology solution based on evolving technologies to solve customer's critical business issues. Our IT consulting services make information technology to work for customers to solve their business problems.

Client centered innovative consulting services
ANG Technologies industry experience and technology expertise helps in delivering world class business and technology services to our clients. Experience and deep technical knowledge enable the clients to exploit information technology to meet their business goals.
The biggest difference in ANG Technologies is that it always drives for business results through close collaboration with clients to understand their business problems and provide measurable value.

Delivering high value business results
creating value through exceptional consulting relationship and consulting skills

  • Expert consultants and innovative methodology will help in leveraging the existing IT infrastructure and technology in new ways.
  • ANG Technologies helps the organization to be responsive to the growing business demands by providing versatile and flexible technology solutions.
  • Innovative frameworks and methodology provides value-added service to the clients.
  • High value consultants will help the client to integrate the business strategy with technology to meet their business objectives.

Solutions that deliver more than expected
Consulting solution offerings are enterprise architecture services, service oriented architecture services, information security consulting, IT infrastructure consulting, and systems management consulting.

2) Business Consulting
Companies are often faced with a challenge of understanding the dynamics of today's business environment and how to align their business processes with their technological investments within their limited resources.
ANG Technologies offers business consulting in various areas of business operations by defining, aligning and optimizing our client's business goals and objectives. We take time to understand our client's business, their requirements and needs, and then create customized solutions that deliver tangible benefits, add value and improve their business processes. Foresight to evaluate new technologies from a practical perspective and focus on key industries has resulted in accumulation of extensive domain knowledge about business processes. This has enabled us to deliver quality and cutting edge solutions to our clients; solutions, that are innovative and yet in synch with industry best practice, ensuring seamless coordination across strategy, implementation and management of technology with emphasis on future-proof solutions.
Our business consulting services include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Project Risk Management
  • Business Transformation Services
  • Security Governance
  • Health Checks and Audits
3) Process Consulting
Our Process Consulting practice helps clients achieve operational excellence. Our domain experts for process analysis and design benchmark client processes against the best in the industry and provide solutions based on the vision of the company. The Business Process Improvement practice is a consortium of business analysts and quality practitioners, who bring in their process improvement experience along with expertise in using analytical tools IT.
1. Business Analysis
2. Quality Management Consulting
3. Six Sigma Consulting